4 Handy Advices to Use in the Kitchen

Using the kitchen can be messy; trust me, I bake. But I have also learned a few things along the way to make the whole experience more enjoyable. Hope you put these into place and cook succulent dishes πŸ™‚

1- Wash the dishes as you cook/bake

It is tempting to leave everything until the end – but you’ll just end up with a mountain of dirty plates and molds in the sink. If you have a dishwasher, put the washable dishes in there. If not, try to wash everything you use as soon as possible. Plus, you won’t have to suffer trying to remove

2– Place food in freezer bags instead of containers

That one is for those who live with flatmates or have small fridges. Containers and food take a hell lot of place in the fridge. Ditching them can help you save up some space

3- Cut the veggies and store them

Part of the reason why people loathe cooking is because you have to wash the veggies, then cut them and then cook them. Takes. So. Long. But here’s the thing: cutting up a few bell peppers doesn’t take more than 10 to 15 min. Do the same with cucumber or carrots, among others. Then you can just quickly use the veggie whenever you need it.

4- Cover rising dough with a blanket

A dough needs warm temperatures so it can rise properly. My mom gave me this advice, by covering the dough with a towel, and then putting it inside a blanket, it will enhance the rising process.














Header: taken from Ikea.com (http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/catalog/categories/departments/kitchen/designideas/)