Skin routine (oily, acne prone and sensitive skin)

One of the best things about being an adult lady is you can buy whatever beauty products you like and pamper yourself. And when I say whatever I mean I have tried millions of products. I have an oily skin, and you know what they say, in 30 years from now I’ll be grateful I have one, as oily skins age far less. However I’m in my twenties, and as much as I’d like to shine, I’d rather not have my face shine. I ALSO have an acne prone (even though I don’t have it anymore, I still get a few spots here and there, and in the WORST places, like in the middle of my nose or forehead), and sensitive skins. Guys, I’m telling you, I got really lucky with my skin, you can see.

Lately I have started to become more mindful of the origin of the products I buy, trying to buy products which haven’t been tasted on animals as much as I can. However, some of the products I will show below I already had and didn’t feel like wasting, and so for the moment being I’ll be using them.

Also, this review is non sponsored, honest, and is just about the products that worked for me. Every skin is different, and so I can’t promise it will work for you too. Just keep in mind the more natural the products, the better. That’s why I totally recommend Lush products, as I’m 99% sure you’ll find a Lush product that works for you.


  • Cleansing Soap : Clean&Clear Blackhead Cleansing 

I used to use Vichy’s gel cleanser for acne prone skin every morning (it’s the one in a green triangular shaped bottle), but now I find this soap both easier to carry as it won’t leak, plus it reaaally regulates the oil, so I usually only have to wipe off the excess oil of my skin once a day.

  • Facial Moisturizer:  Cosmetic Lad by Lush



I absoluuutely love Lush. First of all, even if you don’t buy anything, their stores just smell perfect. And all these colors! Like seriously, I wouldn’t mind working there even for a day 😉  It’s a widespread belief that us girls with oily skin don’t have to moisturize our face – that’s wrong! A well moisturized skin doesn’t produce as much oil as a non-moisturized one. That’s especially true as I live in Montreal, where winter is known to be harsh and hard on the skin. Now believe me, I’ve bought every. single. cream. – for oily skins – that’s on the market, and usually of “big” brands. They’d always irritate my skin. But this…this guys is a miracle. For the first time in my life I can moisturize my face without putting something too agressive – imagine my joy when I finally found, after 21 years, something that works!

  • Eyes: Crème enchantante pour les yeux by Lush



Eyes (and hands) easily reflect your age – and they’re also a region most of us forget when moisturizing. This is also from Lush and I can’t really tell for the moment but I’m sure my eyes will thank me in 10 years from now.

  • Body: Coconut oil



Let’s face it, most moisturizers are sooo expensive. Especially when you wanna buy a moisturizer for sensitive, oily skins etc. I personally put coconut oil everyday after the shower. It’s inexpensive (you can get it for like $3.6 at Walmart), it smells good, and will leave you with a baby skin. I promise. And it’s also good to get these 10min of pampering everyday. So relaxing 🙂

  • Face scrub: Pureté Thermale Hydrating and Cleansing Foaming Cream by Vichy



You can use this scrub every 2-3 days, but I almost always end up using it once a week. First of all, my skin is oily and acne prone, and constantly scrubing it will only makes it produce more oil – it’s counterintuitive, I know. But that’s the truth. Only keep a minimal number of products, there is absolutely no need to mix dozens of products and will only irritate your skin.

  • Mask: Pure Clay by L’Oreal



This mask not only smells super good, but also leaves my skin super soft, nourrished and clean. I do it once week and normally, you’re supposed to leave it for 15min – I almost always leave it for 20min (shhh!), but that’s because it smells like heaven and I just love it. It has natural clay and you can really feel the effects, as it’s known to clear pores and absorb all the excess oil.


If you tried any of these products or any other, let me know in the comments below 🙂 Also, if you also have an oily skin, I’d love to know your tips and secrets xx