A Date with Myself

As I’m sitting on my bed, catching up on some Glee episodes, alone in my room, the following question is hasling me: is it actually possible to have fun with your- and only yourself ? You see I highly cherish the precious moments I spend with my friends at the mall, at the movies, or even at the kitchen, laughing at some kind of dumb jokes. However, there are as many things that bring us together as things that set us apart, and I think this is a true blessing. I have understood a long time ago that I may have interests not all my friends share. In this case what do I do, do I beg them to still come with me when I know I’m the only one having fun – or do I adjust myself to their tastes so that a certain cohesion is maintained in the group ? I have decided to go with a third option: I take my coat, my swag and my bag, and I’m going to enjoy some time with myself. 

How many times have I heard my own friends telling me they would rather not go here or there, do this or that, because they don’t have anyone willng to come with them. You’re living for yourself, you’re unique. There is no point in wasting an evening that could have been incredible because you’re too ashamed to go by yourself. Worse than that, it’s the sign of a sick self-consciousness. There is a misconception on that point – being seen on your own at the mall, movies, or any other place is not a sign that you’re weak and friendless- on the contrary, it’s the proof that you’re strong enough to be able to say : I decided I wanna be happy and have fun right now, with or without anyone.

So, to you reading this, whether you have plans with your friends or not for the week-end, ask yourself, when was the list time I spent with myself (showers exluded) ? If your brain can’t remember, then ask yourself out. Go with yourself on a date. Go somewhere you’ve always wanted to go to, do something you’ve always been willing to do but has forever postponed because you can’t find any company. 

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