Sunflower/Pumkin Granola Bars

Making things from scratch is cheaper, healthier, funnier, and smells better (who doesn’t like the fresh smell of a cake straight out the oven ? πŸ˜‹). And man, that feeling of accomplishment if what you made ends up delicious. I made these bars yesterday very fast, I improvised and they ended up really good. Hope you’ll like them too!

Oh and…these bars are refined sugar free 😊

Sunflower/Pumkin Granola Bars (serves 8)


1 1/4 cup oats // 1/4 cup raisins // 1/2 tbsp pumkin seeds // 1/4 cup sunflower seeds // 1/3 cup honey //2 tbsp softened butter 


Mix all the ingredients together // Put in a 20cmx20cm (approximately) dish and with a knife cut the slices (it will make cutting them later much easier) // Bake for about 20min at 360F/180C, or until the top is light brown // Let it cool down and pour 50g of melted chocolate (I used 85%) on top 

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